Monday, January 01, 2007

Have you heard of DYS-au-to-no-mia?

This is a lovely poem by my friend, Joanne.
I have read it many times since she passed to me a few hours ago. It was lovely, and tells vividly the story of brave and bubbly struggling with dysautonomia.

It's a strange feeling
Being around people you know
And yet feeling like there's no one there

In the day when the nausea starts
Feels like your world has stopped
And yet around you
Life still goes on

Your world spins and a strange sensation
Washes over you like a wave
Your world is moving
And yet everyone is standing still

Its all you can do to lie down
You push your feet in the air
You just want to cry out "help me"
All you get is stares

Staying there on the ground
Taking in deep long breaths
You seldom get a comforting touch
Someone who says "I'm there"

Soon you will feel better
You sit up on your chair
People think that it's the end
But it's the start of the aftermath

The first sensation you notice
And then the pain begins
Overworked? But you haven't done a thing!

A heavy weight presses down on you
Your heart, your chest it aches
You want to cry out, but you bite your lip
Only babies act that way

Looking for support from those around
You reach out your hand
But familiar faces hurry by
"We have our own cares"

The point that we all come to
Tired of explaining
Weary from arguing

Faced with the fact that you fight alone
Makes it a fight full of tears
The mountain seems high, the journey long
With endless thorns and spears

The glimmer of sunlight behind the clouds
A promise of brighter days

You hold tight to it inside your heart
Believing everyday
Some day things will all work out
We'll hang on until that day

For your information Joanne had fibromyalgia too, and other "interesting" stuff as well. She has been my inspiration since I had this "interesting" thing called fibromyalgia.

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