Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I wish. No. I wish not.

The idiot who back- stabbed me, and came out with multiple quotes, took 2 days off work. It was peace for me. Work get done.

Today, he came back. Sigh. Why don't he take more days off??

As he always hinted I was pretending when I had problems, I wondered if he was pretending too. I remember he said a gal he knew was taking 2 days off every 2 months or so, because her colleagues took leaves, and she did not fall sick at all! It is unfair that some people take so many sick leave while others don't. Talk about playing fair. I wonder if he wants to be in my position.

Reason for his sick leave? Fever. Unexplained bruises. Tummy upset. Uncomfortable all over. Tired.

So, what did he have??? My mind had nasty things on it, which made me quickly check my thoughts. Gosh, I think I hate him so much that i actually wished he had one of the nasty stuff, vanish and just leave me alone!!!

I think I am too stressed! I am already sick with the daily struggles, and to have someone like that around, is really toxic!

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