Monday, January 15, 2007

Weekends are good .........Curry is great!

Weekends are something to look forward to when you are stressed at work. To get an idea of how stressed I am, let me tell you that I cant wait for the end of the week, which is just 3 days away for a part-timer like me. I dread going to work. Dread having to get out when it is so cold, and my ankles so painful, and dread it when I arrive at the office, and have to steel myself to appear alert for the next 8 hours. Scary. Scary enough just coping with energy. Even more scary now that if I arrive late, I know there is a back stabber ready for the kill. I feel like telling this young "kid" to just leave me alone!!! Back stabbing is bad for karma, and stop questioning the "realness" of my pains, just because you never knew pain!!

Out with the accumulated pent up stress (it is just the 1st work day!!!), in with the goodies I cooked. NOthing much actually. Just curry.

The supermarket had a sale of thighs and drumsticks-1/2 price, and I immediately thought- CURRY!!!! The hard part of curry is peeling the potatoes, and cutting them when your hands are inflammed. Cutting up the chicken is a pain too, especially if you are trying to get rid of the skin a fat! Buy chicken breast if you could afford. Saves you the trouble!!

Anyway, the potato peeling was delegated to my hubby. Asked him to peel enough for 2 meals, and got him to cut it to pieces 2cm3 cubes too. 2x2x2cm.

I skined the chicken, and then cut them to large chunks. Basically, I just cut off the meat from the sides of the thigh bones. You could put the thigh bone into the curry with the meat, or save it for leek soup!

This weekend, I cooked my simple chicken and vege curry, the Cheat's way!

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