Saturday, May 06, 2006

Alexander technique- feeling benefits after one lesson?

I was lucky enough to get a free Alexander technique lesson this morning!

I was really really skeptical, at first. If you read this and feel skeptical; about Alexander technique, then I must apologise for not doing it any justice.

The " teacher" started by taking down my glorious medical history of pains. After that, she explain briefly what AT is, and asked me to stand up.

Instead of shooting off with a list of my posture problems, she put her hands on my spine, and started to go up and down the spine gently, but quite firmly. Telling me to imagine my spine lengthening, and my head growing, and "undo" and "letting go". I was thinking "great, if I think hard, I will be taller??"

I found myself not able to "lengthen", and closed my eyes to concentrate and and maybe tried to catch 40 winks because I was so tired. Somehow, the process of her gently pushing me here and there seemed relaxing. I was told to keep my eyes open by the AT teacher, cos it "helps you to get better balance and concentrate!"

So, the lesson went on- I was told to concentrate on various muscles, and to "let go", or get it to "smile"- the purpose is to unlearn all the bad habits we have formed. After standing and sitting for a while, we moved on to a firm couch, and a pile of books were used as a pillow.

By that time, i was more cooperative, and seemed to response to her urge to "let go" much better. I did feel some muscles seemed to "open up", as instructed. Mid way in the session, my thigh cramps (which had been ON for more than a month!) was gone!! I realised the muscles were relaxed again!!However, that was only for a while. The moment I take my mind off it, it goes back to the same old cramp.

And the end of the session, she "pushed" me up into a sitting position, and I was told to get on the floor with minimal effort. Guess what, I felt so much weight in the heels!! The weight of my obese body seemed to have moved to the heels (from where?). The toes, did feel less cruched up. At that time I was quite amazed with this 45 minute session of alexander technique had done to me! I never realised that I was literary on my toes all the time!

I obviously saw the benefits of Alexander technique, and was worried about me "forgetting" (like what happened to those thighs) when I go home. However, there is good news!!! She offered me 12 free lessons!!!!! (probably because she pitied my jobless situation.) 12 free lessons!! Oh my GOD! I was so soooo happy.

My next lesson is next friday, and I will definitely put my PROGRESS (hopefully) here.

I did feel very tired by afternoon, but hey, I managed to walk really a lot today! Today had been a really good day.

To find out more about Alexander technique, you can try this website: . You can also get a lot of books from Amazon on this topic. I find helping before deciding whether to give it a go helps.

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