Thursday, May 18, 2006

Energy saving tricks 101-Drying the dishes!

What do you do when you have less, limited and unpreditable level of energy?

You try your best to preserve it, and literally do all you can to not waste energy.

Here is a trick I just learned.

I use the oven a lot to cook, as it is easy, and quick. With a timer, you are at no risk fo fibro-fogging your food to charcoal looking things.

One day, after all those entertaing that we did, I was just dead tired, and chuck all the dishes into the owen. I turned the temperature dial off, and just let the fans run. Within 1-2 minutes, my dishes were dried. And did I tell you the wine glasses were spotless!!! It is as if I wiped them dry one by one!
Try this at home!!

It is perfect when the oven is in a semi cooled state, lower than 70C, whereby I could chuck in all those plastic plates that I have acquired since fibromyalgia and arthritis entered my life.

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