Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Words can hurt: irritating things that people say

This is my own list, after inspired by Sandy's (of Fighting Fatigue) ;Irritating things that people say and do

1. I think it is due to your weight. I am sure you will be healthy again if you lose the weight.
Shut up. The problems came first, the weight gain came only after my pains started. My BMI was a healthy 20 before my arthritis started. Try having to take lots of NSAIDS for your pain, and try too keep your hunger pangs at bay, and try to have periods where you can't get out of your bed!

2. You sleep too much!
I got this from my housemate. I feel like killing her. All she sees is me getting up past 10am. Did she know that I could be wide awake at 4am??
3. You should see a dietitian and fix your diet.
Come on, I passed my nutrition modules with distinctions. If only it is as simple as eating healthily, I must be at the top 10 percent of the population in terms of health. I am not even eating any red meats!
4. You look OK to me, so what is the problem? (spoken with greattttt authority)
I always feel like gathering all my strength and give these people a black eye, particularly those doctors! I hate meeting up with this group of "friends"-they are so patronising. If they do not know much about an illness, it does not mean that it does not exist.
5. Come on, everyone gets tired!
There is a big difference betwen getting tired, and totally fatigued!

6. Come on, I work longer hours, and I too don't feel like getting up in the morning. All you need is a little discipline and a bit of determination.
Disipline??? Determination? Who are you talking to? If I am a wimp, I wouldn't be walking around! Ask my ex-classmates? Who was the "iron lady" in class? Who is the girl who had a steely determination?
7. You need to excercise more!
Exercise more? What type of excercise are you talking about? How much? Anyone of you do as much walking as I do? (That is the only thing that I could do independently, without aggravating the symptoms.)

8. Walking is not counted as excercise!

This even came from my doctor! so what counts huh?
9. Oh I envy you! You are not working! So you are now one of the ladies who lunch?
Beware of what you wish for!!

10. Oh, stop finding yourself a new excuse!
This is the ultimate. Usually I dont bother to talk to these people anymore.

I am going to post another top ten list one day, given by people who I come across or have to work with, in relation to my PHD work. This group of people are mostly doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and other PHD students or professors. Their statements are MUCH more "cruel" than the lay people!!

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