Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Google unveils new applications - Software - Answering the prayers of Fibromyalgia sufferer's foggy brains

Google unveils new applications - Software - News - ZDNet Asia:


I think Google is listening to fibro-fogged people like us. It is coming up with Google Notebook, just what is needed to bust the fibro fogs!!! No more forgetting what you have just read on the net, cos with one click, you would have noted it down!

Google new "notebook" is just so wonderful!

According to ZD Net:

"Notebook is designed to let people click a 'note this' link in the last line of a particular search result and save the result information to a virtual notebook in a pop-up window.

People can also grab text and pictures from Web sites and paste them into Google Notebook, as well as make the notebook full-screen size, drag and drop items to reorganize them, and e-mail the notebook to others. The program requires a plug-in and a Google account."

Again, typically Google style, it is so easy to use and download. As I am using Firefox already, I just had to click download, and it is installed when I reopen my browser again.

I am already using this feature to blog for this entry, and I must say it is God sent to scatter brains like us.

You can find it here :

Another great feature is you could make you notebook public! Is this going to replace blogging? I think I might use this feature in the future, for share what I find about fibromyalgia and rhematoid arthritis with others? That would be great isn't it? Fibro babes unite!

Hmmm... There goes my Foggy Brain excuses! No more achy fingers from noting things down!

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