Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Google marked my blog as a potential spam blog: Is this the ultimate compliment or insult?

Dear Google has marked me.

As a result, I am struggling with the “word verification”, every time I want to try to press the “Publish” button.

And my dear human representative from GOOGLE who will soon visit this site, I hope that you would visit as soon as possible. If you could, make sure my other two blogs : Fibromyalgia connection and PhD Trek would never suffer the same fate.

We, the people with fibromyalgia are fans of blogging, despite the pains which make it difficult for us to use the computer (or anything else!). It is in this blog world that we become “FREE again”. Free to express ourselves, free to share our experience and other information, free to choose when we come and when we go.

Are you guys at Google aware that having fibromyalgia means that we sometimes have “fibro-fogs”? It affects us terribly in many ways. Among others, a PhD candidate like me is having problems spelling correctly without a spell-checker!!! Something just goes wrong sometimes between the coordination of my eyes – fingers and brains. That word verification thing is a torture!!!

Can you ever imagine having to try and retry and retry again to get that word verification thing correct??? The more times I tried and got it incorrectly, the more letters you seem to give me! Which makes it even more difficult for me to “pass”! So, please have some mercy! Don’t use that feature on us! Blogging is the last of many freedoms patients like us lose (and I believe many patients whose sight or coordination is affected). Don’t take it away from us in the name of stopping those horrible spam blogs!

I know that someone from Google would eventually visit my site, and clear my name. But until then, I have to wait, and I am not told how long I have to wait. Waiting is not fun. Do something about it!

And I hope that Google understands a simple philosophy which I use; "Enabled, not disabled".

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