Monday, May 01, 2006

Splitting the posts

At first I thought that it is better to put all my stuff into one blog. Now I think maybe I should get more organised. Seperate my purely PhD suff from my purely Fibromyalgia or arthritis stuff.

I shall attempt to blog more about my PhD theses process in my PHD Trek blog instead. It is a TREK. My PhD experience is no smooth journey.

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Anonymous said...

From Ms. Master Blaster -
You need continuous stimulation during
the day. Not one big blast from a cup of
coffee following by a paralytic let down.

Get a few sudafeds, several 200mg caffeine
tablets, some phenylpropanolamine and
crush them into a powder. Mix them into a
sugar water drink with 4 ounces sugar per
32 ounces water, plus some orange juice.
Mix thoroughly and drink throughout the
day. This will keep you in 4th gear all day long.