Sunday, May 28, 2006

My limpy fibro progress-My 3rd Alexander Technique lesson

Despite my initial disappointment about my 2nd Alexander technique lesson, I realized that today's lesson has been the most meaningful thing I have learned so far.

Lesson started late, and ended early. There had been a two week break between the lessons, and I sorely (both meaning applies!) need some pointers again.

I had been walking really fast and running at times, in the rain for it. When I arrived I was wet and tired, and was actually glad that the "Student" before me finished late, which means I could start late and did not have to make the "teacher wait".

The take home point of this Alexander Technique lesson?

These would be my

"tips to get the most out of your Alexander Technique lesson".

Make sure you are calm and rested before starting a session. Messy thoughts, pent up anger and tired muscles isn’t going to help you to release the muscles!

Having it later in the day, when you are less sore and stiff. Scheduling it in the earlier part of the morning was a big mistake. All night I was a little worried about whether I would be stiff in the morning. As a result I did not sleep well. The price of it? More stiffness! Today is Sunday, and I am still recovering from Friday’s lack of sleep.

Don’t judge! I have been “practising hard”, and was anxious to hear feedback (ie positive ones) from my teacher. To my surprise and enlightenment, I was told that I should not “judge” my progress, and focus on “releasing” and “undoing” as much as I can! If I were to apply this to other aspects in my life, wouldn’t life be less stressful?

Alexander Technique is a philosophy! Why? Just see the above part about “Don’t judge!” If I stop counting how many times I was “fogged” into doing or saying something outright “stupid” and hilarious and focus on beating it and living a full life, life would seem to be better, isn’t it?

I think I am loving these lessons. Despite entering feeling very flustered, I was a calm, and as cool as a cucumber when I walked out.

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