Friday, May 12, 2006

Alexander Technique-second lesson

Today is my second lesson.

The biggest take home point I have today is : It is not easy to do it, when you have an actively inflamed, and painful joints!!!

Compared to last week- my first lesson; which was held on a "good day", my muscles just refused to release!!! My poor muscles.

Is it easy for Fibro patients?
Not that easy. Will take lot's of commitment from patient's side. Sometimes, our body just refused to listen to whatever our brains are telling them todo, esp when they are already in pain. It can be very frustrating, and mentally draining to keep on telling the muscles to "release", and it refused! After a while, in my foggy brain jsut did not know what to tell the muscles. Oh ya? Did I tell you that when I "practised" at home, I was tired, and foggy--->>> and fell asleep.

Will Alenander Technique help ME?
Mes??? Yes, definitely. As of today, I genuinely believe that if I can master it, it will help me tremendously. I had a few peaceful night of heavenly sleep after my thigh muscles were relieved. In just 2 lessons, I can really see what damage have been made and why I am permanently in pain.

So it helps all fibro patients?
I am not sure. Is there something like ALL fibro patients? We dont understand enough about the disease yet- there maybe different groups of people with different reasons of having similar symptoms.

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