Saturday, May 06, 2006

Alexander technique, a new hope for my fibromyalgia

My choice of "approach" to my "health problems" had been raising quite a number of eyebrows. Yes, indeed, I can be considered as a "traitor" by my "medical professional" friends.

I believed in the muscle story. Yes, I do. And I think I should be quite qualified by "experience" and "indirect education" (no, I am no physiotherapist, but I know a a whole damn lot little about human physiology and pathology).

Until this point of time, I cannot say I am 100% certain that what I have is fibromyalgia, I can only suspect. Anyway, fibromyalgia itself if not fully defined, there might be many variations or subsets to the condition. Am I having myofascial pain instead? It seems that myofascial pain also could cause very very similar symptoms to what is attributed to fibromyalgia.

What I know is I have a lot of pains, mostly the muscles and at the tendon areas. What I am certain is I have a LONG history of chronic pain. Thanks to my stubbornness and refusal to rest or "respect" the pain, I have been going on a "Use your muscles!!!" mantra whenever my sciatica or rheumatoid arthritis pains are causing havoc. So, is there any surprise that I have over developed muscles where the joints and discs gave way? Yes, parts of them atrophied, but some of them just seemed to get bigger and harder. All these are just a natural part of pathophysiology of joint or skeletal muscles conditions.

Alexander Technique offers a chance to correct those “posture” problems, those years of misuse and abuse of my muscles, which could have contributed to the picture of fibromyalgia I have now. No, I don’t think it is the answer, I think it offers some help to correct one of the contributing factors. And looking at what I felt during and after my first Alexander Technique lesson, I think I should have some reasons to feel optimistic about it.

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Woman said...

Thanks for leaving comments and your kind words.

Unfortunately, having RA and FMS means fatigue is a real problem. I simply do not have the energy to do so much....

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