Monday, May 22, 2006

Pray for me: No fibro-fogs coming my way in my first part time job since fibromyalgia!!!

I am not religious, I don’t pray. But today, can someone please please pray for me?

In 1.5 hours, I will start my very first job that needs be to be alert for 4 good hours in a row. This is the first time I am doing something like this since fibromyalgia struck.

What is the big deal, only “4 straight hours”!

Well, it is, it is a BIG deal for me, even when this is non-paid, voluntary work. I have been hoping and hoping that fibro-fog won’t strike me later. This is where I will get the CONFIDENCE to face working world again. 4 hours is a great start for me!

I have not been feeling very well, after struggling to meet deadlines for my job applications, and using up all my energy “reserves” on Saturday.

Job applications… well that had been a struggle. It did not help that my husband has not been understanding about it either; he still can’t accept that I am always that “sharp” anymore, and I am no longer as independent as I was. (Perhaps he is thinking that if he doesn’t help me at all, I will learn to regain my independence??)But well, I better stop mentioning something that is so heart breaking, when I am going to embark in my first part-time job, which I had been trying to get since January!

It is for a voluntary group that I like, and I am very happy that they have accepted me. Just hope that I got enough energy, and stay alert on it!


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