Sunday, May 14, 2006

First entertaining since my FMS

I survived many hours of entertaining, including shopping for food and preparing some of them.

To make it easier for me, hubby asked his friends to cook a dish each, so that we could sample a variety of food.

My main job was making sure every one had what they needed, and baked some drumsticks and fish fillets for them.

I had a great time, and for a few hours, I thought I had my life back.

As soon as the guest left, and I finished some tidying, I took a quick shower. While waiting for my husband to finish showering and give my painful thighs a quick rub, i fell asleep, hair still wet in the towel.

Back to reality, I just dont have that much energy now. However, this is a first step to tell myself that I am getting back some of my social life!

This morning I made some lovely bananas and choolate muffins. I am supposed to post the recipe here, but my brain cant remember that simple recipe!!! So much for being brainy. Should have been born a bimbo and being labelled as the big busted airhead who knows nothing than being brainy. It still hurts a bit to realise that when the fog comes... it does not matter whether you are brainy or not!

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