Thursday, June 15, 2006

IN: Intermittent explosive disorder OUT: flacid penises

Another new disease is coming to town! Look at what is said about "bad tempers" these days. Oh yeah, bad temper is now know as "Intermittent explosive disorder".

Take a look at it, lots of us seems to fit in, and it is time for another pill!

Road rage. Domestic abuse. Angry outbursts or temper tantrums that involve throwing or breaking objects. Sometimes such erratic eruptions can be caused by a condition known as intermittent explosive disorder.

Intermittent explosive disorder (IED) is characterized by repeated episodes of aggressive, violent behavior that are grossly out of proportion to the situation. And, according to a June 2006 study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, intermittent explosive disorder is more common than once thought. Intermittent explosive disorder occurs most often in young men and may affect as many as 7.3 percent of adults in the United States.

If you jump on to the "treatment" section of the articles, you will see that if you have bad tempers, it is time for another pill, another "mood regulating" pill!

Now I see where the growth in the pharma industry is coming from: road rages. Flacid penises are so out of date!

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