Friday, June 09, 2006

Stretching really seems to help with my fibromyalgia!!!

Sometime ago, I started my own “STRETCHING program”. (Stretching works for my fibromyalgia, I think....)

Since then I have been stretching, stretching and stretching whenever I can.

The results?

Combined with Alexander technique, I have not needed any massage so far! More than one month had passed without it.

Other noticeable benefits:

* Less lumpy knots on my thighs, hands, calves and shoulders

* Less waking up a night with pain!

* As the result of waking up less, I sleep better and feel more energetic!

* Bigger ranger of movements. I can stretch over a longer period, and push myself more before the pains starts.

I am very happy with these improvements, and just hope that I could do something similar for the knots on my abdomens- lots of them!! Unless you are a fibromite, it is difficult for you to imagine taut muscular bands on your tummy which are so hard and painful that I went for scans to ensure that those are not something more nasty like tumours.

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