Tuesday, June 20, 2006

My darned 2 toes! 6th and 7th Alexander technique lessons

The past few days, my husband had been complaining that I use him as a bolster! Hahaha!!!! My legs have been clinging on to him, (argh, not that type) It is just that RA flares again, and it is not comfortable to sleep!!!! Somehow, my legs must have found out that if I raise my legs, it will be more comfy/less painful or swollen, and rested on him! My toes in particular, must have taken a liking to him.

Alright, I know that I should not be complaining. It is just two toes (that are obvious)!

This time, my fingers are swollen, but not too bad, can still type after NSAIDS. But my first toe(s) [ok, I should be grateful that it is not both big toes, that would be real hell] annoys me like hell.

When I walk, I got to be careful not to put too much pressure on it, and not to kick into stuff around the house. When I go out, I will look or for potential "toe steppers". And when I sleep, I will stick my feet out of the comforter (cos the weight make my toes uncomfortable), and I guess that is how they found their way to my hubby!

I did my 6th and 7th Alexander Technique lesson, and it was just too difficult to "release" and follow instructions when my muscles all tensing up to support my joints. Those two toes in particular, always refuse to touch the floor, and help me to stand/sit properly!

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