Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just what is needed to stay off chocholates! Salmonella!

Cadbury: 53 suspicious cases - Sunday Times - Times Online

They knew it was contaminated in January and now it is July!!!

Ewwww.. I took 2 of the Easter Eggs which is supposed to be withdrawn.

Did I have a diarrhoea? I might had, and might had just put it to another episode of IBS.

I lose my chocholate cravings!!!

However, microbiological experts and official agencies said high levels of fat and sugar in chocolate made it an ideal vehicle for preserving salmonella and carrying it into the intestine. This meant that serious illness could be caused by what appeared to be mere trace levels of the bacterium.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA), the government’s watchdog, said: “Salmonella is unacceptable at any level and we would have expected Cadbury to have notified us far earlier than they did on finding this bacterium in their products.”

The contamination was first detected in January in chocolate at the company’s Marlbrook plant in Herefordshire. The plant produces nearly 100,000 tonnes of chocolate crumb a year, which is sent to other factories to be mixed with cocoa butter and made into chocolate products.

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