Thursday, June 22, 2006

My own FIBRO-FOG T shirts and stickers!

I "opened shop" in Cafepress, cos I thought I need a T-shirt that says "ME!!"

I am fed up with warning my husband that I have a foggy day, and so don't bug me about where is the book, where is the toilet paper, where are the stamps, what happened to that bag of spagetti (not possible that I was foggy enough to eat it and then forgot about it?).

I decide to do a T-SHIRT and a stickers that basically tell him to get lost, dont ask me questions. I am foggy. Period.

If I have a car, I would stick in on my bumper... it is a foggy day, dont say I did not warn you!

I got this done from Cafepress. Quite cool.

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