Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Decide to show the world my lovely photos of The LOVELY BONES.

Nah, this is not linked to the Lovely Bones by Sebold.


Not only they are lovely, they are MUSICAL and they can CRACK UP any tense moments with their beautiful, and moving crackling sounds. And yeah, it is always impromptu, no stage frights whatsoever. They crack anytime! And they are "chubby", cute and always warm! If you press them with a thumb, they will change colour from pinkish to whitish and then to pinkish again! Magical, isnt it?

Hey medical students and those dumbs docs, this is a swollen hand, and swollen feet, ok??Notice the flesh coming out from the sides. It is NOT because I am fat. Stop sniggering. NOtice the smooth surfaces and touch/press with those fingers of yours! It is warm!

Oh, did I mention that most doctors will not even touch those fingers before saying "it looks alright"????

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