Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tools for a neat little diagnosis: Are we getting that soon?

Almost every month or so, we will encounter a "new disease" or new "syndrome". Imagine you are a GP, harried and tired after hours of work.

In an attempt to simplify the process of diagnosis, researchers have attempted to come up with solutions, ie what questions can the GPs ask in order to diagnose?

Giving the GP a list of questions to ask, and telling him/her that if the patient answers "yes" to a certain number of questions, you can "diagnose" the patient of having a certain disease is very "helpful" to the GP!! That is a great "tool", isnt it? Cool!!!

You go to the doctor's office, the doctor ask you some questions, and then show you a chart;

Doc: Hey you have answers yes to x out of y questions, you most likely have disease Z.

With the huge logos of dissease Z's association, it looks and sounds authoritative.

Patient: Urgh, I have Disease Z?
Doc: Don't worry, they have a new drug which works very well for Disease Z. Why don't you give it a try?

Patient: OK! (relieved that there is name to some symptoms that he/she has been experiencing, and even more relieved that you could now pop pills to "cure" it!)

Errr, did I tell you who sponsored the research of such a tool? And did I tell you when they will sponsor the invention of such a tool?

Yes, despite your fogged out brains, you guess it correctly!

"They" will sponsor the research of these neat little "tools", or "questionnaires", when there is a "promising" compound in the pipeline.

Improving diagnosis methods ---->>>Increase RATE of diagnosis---->>>> Increase number of PATIENTS--->>>Increase number of drugs presribe-->>>Increase sales --->>> Increased Profits!!!

Well, we fibromites can only get jealous with those RLS people, cos they have a drug "successfully" developed for it, and get all these associated benefits. Till the, just hang on, and think of the even more unfortunate millions who die of malaria every year.

FYI: Malaria is a poor man's disease, and there is "no cure". Why no cure??? Well, you know the answer. They have no money to buy the "cure", even if there is one. So, how much funding are the drug companies dedicating to this area of research? WE fibromites have it better, cos most of us have "governments" who are rich enough to pay for a "cure", and they will start paying once they get sick of the "sick benefits".

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