Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Alexander Technique- 10th lesson done!

I have finished the 10th Alexander Technique lesson. 2 more lessons to go, before I have to start paying, if I want to continue.

Last lesson, I was taught to concentrate on my breathing when lying down to release the muscle tensions. It was a little like meditation, the teacher said, and not exactly AT. That seems to help... but I can't seem to do it on my own at home! I guess I am the impatient type, always thinking of something else to do. But this is also the issue that I need to keep in check, as I think this sort of attitude will just exacerbate my fibro!

Suprise, suprise, I found myself able to hold myself better in the position that is halfway between sitting and standing. We are supposed to do that, is PAUSE while doing something to check ourselves and allow a chance for all the MISuse and bad habits to undo. This time, I found myself less shaky (despite a mild, ongoing flare!), my knees a lot less painful! I think I am beginning to use the correct muscles!

I think since starting the lessons, I am less tired afters activities like shopping, standing for a long time etc. Before that an hour or two of standing/walking will produce muscle cramps and I would be so fatigued, yet not able to sleep well at night because of the pain.

I have started reading a book for Alexander Technique, I think it helps me to understand and learn faster. I will write more about it another day. I guess it is pre-lunch time now, and I am so so tired. Keep on typing tried tried tried for tired. welll.. that is a sign of snooze time.

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