Wednesday, June 14, 2006

What a wonderful (bad) day

I sleep badly, woke up a few times in the night to grab a snack because of that grumbling stomach, thanks to those NSAIDS.

I did not feel like eating, but still ate some sausages and some oatmeal, as I have to do my volunteer work later. I have been given an important task today, which made me feel so happy, and responsible again. At the same time, I am afraid the flare will go out of hand, spoiling everything!

Before I even finished washing my plate, I ran to the toilet, puked!

That was a great, uncontrollable puke. GROSS. The water from the toilet bowl hit my face, as the contents of my stomach went it, projectile motion style.

My basic physiology lessons taught me that this got to be poisoning or some neural mediated vomiting, the dramatic projectile vomiting.

So now the big question is, should I step out of the door? I still feel like puking. Will my vomit hit one of those nice cars on the street?

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