Saturday, June 10, 2006

Make sure the BRA fits!

After my 4th Alexander Technique lesson, I noticed how strain my neck and upper back muscles were always are. I had always thought the culprit was my laptop. However, in these lessons, you have the luxury to stand for 15 minutes or so, thinking and doing nothing except being aware of your body. I begin to suspect my breasts might be a problem, as the strain was still there while I was standing, and the "heaviness" was there.

By then I learned to be quite "aware" of my body positions, and always felt a certain tightness around my neck, no matter how I "release" it! I am a little too embarassed to ask the AT teacher about my "assets", but decided to check out some new bras, since the bras I have are more than 1-year-old, at least.

I decided to get a new bra, and get a proper fitiing!!

Fitting my bra was tough.

Most women have asymmetrical breasts, and recent studies have pointed out that the more asymetrical your breasts are, the higher risk you have of getting breast cancer!!

Mine was REALLY asymetric! I have only used a professional bra-fitter once; for my wedding dress, and was very embrassed about it. But this time, I knew I needed help!

To my suprise, thanks to the weight gain, I am not a 38D! WOW! I thought! 38D is just what you need to get more backaches and neck aches!

Having to stare at myself at the mirror for 1/2 hour and having problems with bras fitting both breasts properly made me realised that my right breast is much smaller than the left one, and guess what;

My right arm is always in a more " forward" position than the left one, and impinging/indenting/whatever on my right breast.

In other words, maybe my right breast did not have as much space to "grow" as the left one! My shoulders were not "open" enough!

Lots of women may have that problem, the arms, the asymmetry. These could have been aggravated as we pile on more weight after getting these niceties like rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Maybe, part of fibromyalgia treatment should include a bra-fitting session!

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